Update #1

Update #1

Meeting date:Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Bargained Article: 8.F.3 [Appointment]
Concerned Party/Article Opened By:   Management
Issues: Summer compensation (management concern)
CBA Language under review: Section 8.F.3 (“Faculty teaching during any of the summer terms shall be compensated in the same amount as compensation received during the regular academic year for the same or similar course”)

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Summer Compensation Section 8.F.3

The first issue of Article 8, which was the subject of our most recent meeting, regards a perceived budgeting problem with past, current and future summer terms. With no increase in summer funding apparent, management has identified the rate of payment to faculty as a cause for concern. Without redistribution of the current budgets, management believes the university’s options may include either offering fewer sections of summer courses or reducing the amount of sections assigned to in-unit faculty.

UFF-FGCU received a summer funding explanation from the director of budgets/chief negotiator and is in the process of identifying with management the deficiencies in summer budgeting and alternative methods of addressing them.

Some background for our membership: the rate of FGCU’s summer payments is consistent with that of all other SUS institutions that have such compensation protected by their own CBAs. There is no precedent for lowering that rate. Moreover, members may recall this issue has been bargained for similar reasons during previous contract negotiations and successfully closed without a reduction in compensation or number of sections offered.

UFF-FGCU is confident this issue will resolve to both parties’ benefit. It is, of course, our role and mission to vigorously protect faculty rights.