Get to Know Your CBA Series

Getting to Know your CBA

Teaching Summer Courses

Does the CBA make any reference to limits on number of courses taught in summer? If a 9-month Faculty is asked to teach two summer courses, do they get 12.5% for both or adjunct pay for the second?

There is no prohibition in the CBA against teaching more than one summer class. It just says they “shall be offered equitably to qualified employees.”  (Article 8.4F).  It also says that it/they shall be offered according to written criteria and no later than 5 weeks before the term starts.  In the past when we had more budget, some of us were able to teach two or more.  But now things are tighter, so it happens less often.

On the question of pay, for the first class you teach in the summer you are paid the same amount as during the regular academic year, e.g., 12.5% as the CBA requires.  However, the second course has been treated differently.  As a matter of practice (NOT CBA) some colleges have been paying overload pay (around $3000) for the second course if it is taught in the same semester as the first class, and full pay (12.5%) if the second course is in a different term.  The logic behind the lower pay is that it is an “overload” if done at the same time as another course. (Art 8.4G).

By the way, Faculty who teach a summer course are expected to perform normal activities related to summer assignment including, among other things, minor committee activities “not to exceed more than 12 hours of committee work for each course taught during summer session.” (Art 9.4). The time for minor committee activities is meant to include any prep work and homework, not just meeting times.

The ADPR and your Rights

What are your rights related to annual employee performance evaluation under the CBA, Article 10?

March 30 is the day your Annual Professional Development Report (APDR) is due to your evaluator/supervisor.  Just a few rights are: you will have the opportunity to discuss the evaluation with the evaluator prior to its being finalized. You may attach a concise comment to the evaluation.  You may request, in writing, a meeting with an administrator at the next higher level to discuss concerns. Any changes to the standards will not be used for evaluation until at least one year has passed from their approval by the Provost.

You will be evaluated on the nature and extent of your performance of assigned duties.  This evaluation should reflect the unit’s adopted criteria and standards for performance and includes criteria of teaching effectiveness, scholarly contribution, and service.  The procedures/process for evaluation are outlined in the FPED (attached).


Annual Evaluation: 9-month facultyMarch 30: APDR submittedApril 30: Evaluator returns proposed written draftJune 5: Finalized annual evaluation signedPDP / PIP: 9-month facultyMay 4: Draft Professional Development Plan (PDP) for next year due from faculty member to evaluator/supervisorAugust 7: Evaluator returns draft PDP to facultyAugust 7: Finalized PDP with PIP agreed upon and signed by both parties for PIPSeptember 7: Finalized PDP agreed upon and signed by both parties
Annual Evaluation: 12-month faculty & employeesMay 31: APDR / documentation submitted to supervisorJune 29: Evaluation completed PDP / PIP: 12 Month FacultyJuly 6: Draft PDP for next yearSeptember 28: Final PDP completed and signed

Phased Retirement Program

Are you thinking of retiring? Would you like to work part-time for a while to ease into it?

Take a look at FGCU’s Phased Retirement Program as described in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 24.7.