Chapter By-Laws


APPROVED April 4, 1997

AMENDED June 6, 1997

AMENDED February 20, 1998

AMENDED October 18, 2008

AMENDED March 11, 2009



This organization shall be known as “The Florida Gulf Coast University Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida (UFF-FGCU).” It shall be governed by these By-Laws and the By-Laws of the statewide local, United Faculty of Florida, of which it is a Chapter.



Section 1. To bring faculty and professional employees of universities into a relationship of mutual assistance and cooperation in order to obtain for them the rights and privileges to which they are entitled.

Section 2. To promote shared governance that will enable members to better serve the students, faculty, and the people of the State of Florida.

Section 3. To provide representation in issues pertaining to working conditions, salary, benefits, evaluation and all other aspects of collective bargaining with the goal of recruiting and retaining high quality faculty colleagues in an atmosphere of fairness, equity, and freedom of inquiry.

Section 4. To provide faculty with representation and to protect the process to enforce the contract to assure individual and larger group faculty rights granted by law or the collective bargaining agreement.


UFF By-Laws revision, for March 11, 2009


Section 1. All full-time faculty and professional employees in the United Faculty of Florida bargaining unit shall be eligible for membership (as defined by PERC).

Section 2. Associate membership, without the right to vote, shall be open, upon the approval of the Executive Committee, to members who retire, temporarily move out of the unit while remaining in the University’s employ as a faculty member, or withdraw from the profession and wish to remain in affiliation.

Section 3. UFF-FGCU is an inclusive organization with no discrimination shown towards members or applicants for membership, because of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political activities, or beliefs.


Officers and Executive Committee

Section 1. Annually, the membership shall elect a President, Vice President, Secretary,Treasurer, Senator(s), Alternate Senator(s), FEA Delegate(s) and a Membership Officer. The newly elected officers shall assume their respective offices August 1.

Section 2. Eligibility for elected office and Executive Committee shall be limited to current dues-paying, in-unit members who have been a member of UFF for a minimum of one full year and who do not have a conflict of interest by virtue of a relationship, as defined in the CBA Conflict of Interest article, with an administrative (and/or out of unit) employee of FGCU.

Section 3. The President of the Chapter or his or her representative shall serve as a member of the United Faculty of Florida Senate.

Section 4. The officers noted in Section 1 shall appoint a Chair (and Co-chair) for Grievances, a Chair (and Co-chair) for Collective Bargaining and a Chair for Chapter Communications (all considered standing committees.).

Section 5. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers and the Chairs of Standing Committees.

Section 6. All officers may serve consecutive terms in the same office.

Section 7. In the event of the resignation or recall of an officer, the remaining members of the Executive Committee shall, within 30 days or as soon as practical, appoint a replacement to serve out the remainder of the term of office until the next annual election.


UFF By-Laws revision, for March 11, 2009

Voting and Elections

Section 1. All members in good standing, as certified by the Membership Officer by the date of the completion of the election, shall be eligible to vote.

Section 2. The annual election of officers shall take place no later than April 15.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall determine the method for voting on all matters.

Section 4. The acceptable formats for elections are: paper ballots at a general membership meeting, mailed paper ballots, or an electronic ballot. If a simple majority of the membership waives the need for a secret ballot (per Section 5 below), a voice vote or show of hands may be used.

Section 5. Elections shall be by secret ballot unless a majority of those voting decide to waive the requirement.

Section 6. Results of elections and referenda will be determined by a simple majority of those voting. Recall of an Officer and amendments to Bylaws require a 2/3 majority of those voting.


Rules of Order

Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order, 9th 79 Ed. Revised, shall govern in all cases not governed by the Bylaws.



Section 1. The Executive Committee shall appoint the members of each standing committee (as noted above in Article IV), ad hoc committee or task force, and shall designate one of them as chairperson.

Section 2. All committees and task forces shall be under the direction of and report to the Executive Committee.


Duties of Officers and Executive Committee

Section 1. The President shall preside at all Executive Committee and Chapter meetings. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, sign all ecessary UFF By-Laws revision, for March 11, 2009 documents and papers, be responsible for forming all ad hoc committees or task forces, be authorized to file grievances for the entire chapter, and shall represent the Chapter when necessary. The President shall make reports at Chapter meetings.

Section 2. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all Executive Committee and membership meetings and distribute or supervise the distribution of membership minutes to the membership and Executive committee meeting minutes to the Executive committee. Additional duties may be prescribed by the Executive Committee.

Section 4. As chief financial officer of the Chapter, the Treasurer shall exercise supervision over the receipt and disbursement of all moneys, properties, securities, and other evidences of financial worth of this organization and shall prepare financial statements, budgets and manage the chapter’s bank account. The Treasurer shall performor supervise such duties under the direction of the Executive Committee.

Section 5. The Chair for Grievances shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to grievances filed on behalf of FGCU/UFF chapter members. The Chair for Grievances shall provide periodic reports to the Executive Committee regarding the status of grievances filed by Chapter members.

Section 6. The Chair for Collective Bargaining will serve as the leader of the UFF Bargaining Team. The Chair for Collective Bargaining will provide periodic reports to the Executive Committee and membership regarding the status of bargaining efforts. The Co-chair, if one is designated, will be authorized to handle the duties of the Chair for Collective Bargaining in the Chair’s absence.

Section 7. The Chair for Communications will manage communications and publications on behalf of the Chapter including website, announcements, newsletter (if any), and periodic reports of information and support for faculty interests.

Section 8. The Senator(s) are apportioned by the state UFF and serves as the Chapter’s representative to and a member of the UFF Senate. The Senator(s) is (are)required to attend a majority of the UFF Senate meetings, usually two a year. The Senator(s) shall make periodic reports to the Executive Committee.

Section 9. The Membership Officer shall perform all duties agreed to by the Executive Committee to develop and sustain membership, manage membership records and communicate membership enrollments and changes to all offices (FGCU and state UFF) and shall certify membership for elections. The Membership Officer shall make periodic reports to the Executive Committee concerning membership.

Section 10. The Executive Committee shall administer the policies of the United Faculty of Florida. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act for the good of the UFF By-Laws revision, for March 11, 2009 Chapter in emergency situations where policy cannot be set by the membership. The Executive Committee shall also have the power to employ persons on a full or part-time basis.


Chapter Grievances

Section 1. Upon the recommendation of the Grievance committee and chair, the President shall be empowered to file a grievance to enforce the collective bargaining agreement on behalf of the entire chapter. As soon as practical thereafter, the Executive Committee shall be informed of any Chapter Grievances filed.

Section 2. The Chapter President shall provide periodic reports to the Executive Committee regarding the status of Chapter grievances.



Section 1. The membership shall meet at least once in the fall and spring semesters.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall hold regular meetings during the two regular semesters of the academic year. Special meetings may be called by the President or a majority of the Executive Committee or by 20% of the membership of the Chapter. All meetings of the Executive Committee are open to the membership.


Referenda, Recall, and Bylaw Amendments

Section 1. Referenda, recall of an officer, or Bylaws amendments can be proposed to the membership by the President, the Executive Committee, or by a petition of 20% of the membership.

Section 2. The proposed referenda, recall of an officer, or Bylaws amendment shall be submitted to the membership at least 14 days prior to the vote.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall ensure there is ample opportunity for pro and con arguments among the membership. The voting method shall be determined by the Executive Committee and carried out according to Article V, Section 4.